"Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children" 
                                                                                            ~ Sitting Bull, Hunkpapa Sioux Chief

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You can help sustain a unique tribal college that prepares students for leadership, careers and advanced studies in a multicultural world.
Help youth build a solid foundation and find a connection, purpose and meaning so they may inspire others.
Help build and support a network of Oklahoma Native people who are dedicated to increasing self-sufficiency and prosperity in their communities.
Plant the seeds of possibility for the youth on the Pine Ridge Reservation through education, recreation and cultural restoration.
Invest in a joyful learning community where children develop character, skills, and self-reliance in a culturally rich environment.
Support all the projects included on NativeGiving.org to empower Native children, families and communities.
You can support traditional knowledge and green practices to restore the legacy of `Āina Momona or an abundant land for our people.
You can help provide safe spaces for Indigenous women to uncover the power, strength and skills they possess to become positive forces for social change in their families and communities.
Empower youth to reach their full potential rooted in traditions and culture to prepare leaders for the next generation.

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Support all the projects to empower Native children, families and communities.


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